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Time for Spring Cleansing!

Colonics have historically been used by celebrities, models, and natural health practitioners to detoxify the body and gain an higher level of peace and wellness.

The typical person has several pounds of compacted toxic waste in their colon, if not more. The longer these toxins and remnants are allowed to remain in your system, the easier it is for you body to reabsorbed through the body.  Some indicators of a toxic colon include headaches, fatigue, bad breath, weight gain, skin eruptions, insomnia and constipation to name a few. Cleansing the body of the built up waste is a great step in starting a healthy lifestyle change and lessening some of these symptoms. 

Colon hydrotherapy could be the kick start to your wellness journey. Schedule your appointment at our natural wellness center  today! At Houston Complementary Therapies we will help you detoxify your body and jump start your health goals for the year! 

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