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Open vs Closed System For Colon Hydrotherapy. Which Colon Hydrotherapy Device is Right for You?

General Differences Between the Open and Closed Colonic System

Before deciding to have a colonic it is helpful to understand the basic differences between the two equipment systems. There are two popular types of Colonic systems generally available and "open system" and a "closed system". Though there are several different manufacturers of colonic devices, all systems are either open systems or closed systems. This "open" or "closed" designation is referring mainly to the type of tubing used and in what manner the water and waste exit the body. In an open system a small tube is used to inject the slow flow of water into the colon and the waste exits around the tube and down into a basin similar to a toilet. In a closed system the a larger tube is used to inject water into the colon and the waste exits out of that same larger tube.

A therapist sits with you in a closed colonic session. In an open session the patients privacy is easier to maintain as most devices are self-administered and the therapist does not usually remain in the room (though they are on call any time you need them).

In a closed system the therapist inserts the larger tubing for the patient. In an open system the therapist does not insert the small tube for the patient. The patient inserts the tube themselves when an open system device.

What to Expect when having an Colonic Using an Open vs. Closed System

Open Colonic System

(*This is the System used at Houston Complementary Therapies)

  • You will be provided with simple instructions on how to use the device. You will be shown how to position yourself on the colonic device and how to put in the small rectal tube.

  • The certified Colon Hydrotherapist will then leave the room so that you can undress and get situated on the device (privacy protected at all times- disposable covers provided-everything used by patients is disposable including the rectal tubes).

  • You will let the therapist know when you are ready by ringing a bell and the therapist will reenter the room to start the water flow for you and to show you how to adjust the water flow or turn it off in case you feel discomfort at any time. The therapist will then exit the room so that you may have a peaceful session.

  • The therapist will not be present in the room when you have your colonic session but will be readily available and on call for you during your session for assistance if needed.

  • The patient will be responsible for the insertion of the rectal tubing and will have complete control of the water release and temperature fluctuation changes. Lubrication is provided for ease of insertion. Rarely is this uncomfortable for the patient.

  • As the water enters into the colon, you may feel a natural urge to defecate. Do not be alarmed as this is a normal feeling and you should go ahead and do so. The water and the waste go around the tube and into a basin under your bottom in the table and away just like a normal toilet takes waste away.

  • The open system device at Houston Complementary Therapies includes an exhaust fan so that odor is minimized.

  • Unlike closed systems in which the water can be pressurized, the open system is a gentle gravity-fed system.

  • In an open system, the water is purified with ultra-violet water filter, odorless venting and automatic water temperature control.

  • Many people prefer the "open system" because of the privacy it offers them during their session. Being alone in peace can aid in releasing and better overall results. However, the therapist is always right outside if you need them.

Closed Colonic System

(We do not offer closed system colonics at Houston Complementary Therapies but they are also available in most cities)

  • During a closed system colonic session, a therapist is with you in the room at all times.

  • Your therapist explains entire procedure and may complete a brief digital inspection.

  • Less odor and noise as the waste is exiting "through" the tube thus the name "closed system".

  • A larger tube is used because it has to accommodate the width of the waste that exits the body.

  • During a closed system treatment, you lay on a bed on your left side initially for the practitioner to insert the speculum and attach a disposable hose.

  • Once the speculum is in and the large tube is attached, you turn over onto your back.

  • A pressurized stream of water is then delivered through the attached hose. When the colon is filled & pressure reaches maximum levels the therapist manually drains the colon back through the hose.

  • Temperature and pressure of the water must be monitored constantly in order to avoid leakage or perforation. This requires the therapist stay in the room because of the constant monitoring required when using this closed system.

  • The practitioner is in control of the water going in and then releasing the water.

  • Houston Complementary Therapies only uses the open system and does not use a closed system.

  • Generally, the "closed system" has the same treatment time as the "open system" which is 45-60 minutes.

What type of Colonic System is Right for You? That is for you to decide based on your own individual needs. However, at Houston Complementary Therapies in Houston, Texas we only use an 'open' system. We prefer to use the open system over a closed system device due to the fact that our clients generally prefer the privacy it offers them. Our clients also prefer the open system device because of the size of the tubing that you insert into the rectum and because it has been FDA approved for certain uses.

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