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Is a colonic the same thing as an enema? In other words, what is the difference between a colonic and an enema? 

No.  A colonic and an enema are not the same thing. Enemas only cleanse the lower part of the colon. Colonic Hydrotherapy cleanses the entire colon. Enemas also use much less water when cleansing the colon. Enemas only flush the colon with a few ounces of water at a time. Whereas, colonics flush the colon with many gallons of water over a longer time period. 

 ​How long does a colonic treatment usually last? 

Generally a session last around 45 minutes. For your first session, please allow an extra half hour for prescription clearance and intake procedures. 

Can I lose weight by having colon hydrotherapy treatments?

Though weight loss is not guaranteed, it can be a side effect of having colon hydrotherapy. 

Should I follow a special diet the day of my colonic?

You may eat normally before your session without any major issues arising. However, for the best results, it is recommended to eat light the day of your colonic so that your system can focus on detoxing the old waste during the cleanse. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Think easily digested foods when choosing what to eat such as green juices and smoothies and leafy green salads. 

What should I eat after my colon hydrotherapy session?

You may eat normally after your session as well. However, for the best results, it is recommended to keep eating light after your session as well. Still thinking green juices, smoothies, leafy green salads, fresh veggies, fruits, and other easily digested foods. If you need more help with choosing the right foods for your wellness goals just let us know! We work with several really great nutritionists as well. 

Should I use an herbal supplement cleanse in addition to colon hydrotherapy? Are the two mutually exclusive or do they work together? 

Herbal cleanses and supplements are great to take in addition to colonics. They can help to cleanse the small intestines and upper digestive areas that colonics cannot reach. By using an herbal supplement you can exfoliate your digestive tract from the top down and then add colon hydrotherapy to the protocol to cleanse from the bottom up. The result is a full digestive cleanse which will bring you more energy and wellness. Always check with your primary physician before beginning any herbal cleansing supplements to be sure that herbal cleanses are safe for you. 

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